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Prime Numbers

Day 9: Rust Primality Test

The first task in a new project which shall remain unnamed until it’s ready is a primality test, i.e. checking if a number is prime.

Pattern Matching

Day 8: Rust Match

I take a look at the construct I’ve been most curious about, Rust Match. I also prove beyond a doubt that it’s a Switch statement.

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Day 7: Ownership in Rust

Today I take a look at the concept of Ownership in Rust. This is the magic sauce that makes Rust “memory safe” and beginner Rusticians cry.

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Day 6: Disemvowel

Today we disemvowel a string. That word is beautiful and means to remove every vowel out of a string. Disemvowel it!

Day 5: Counting Bits

Today I take a break from reading and tackle the simple problem of counting bits in Rust. This is my first Rust solution.

Day 4: Rust Functions and loops

Today I’m looking at functions and loops. They are an important part of any language and deserve a closer look.

Day 3: Rust Variables and Data Types

Today I take a look at Rust variables and data types. It’s a gentle introduction to a language not too alien from JavaScript.

Day 2: Cargo

Today I take a look at cargo, Rust’s answer to npm and yarn. It’s a tool that makes a developer’s life that much easier.

Day 1: Hello Rust World

I start a new journey using the rust programming language. Some initial thoughts and a hello world program.

ROT13 Cipher

A long time ago, some dude needed to send a letter to his lover but didn’t want the messenger to be reading it. After all, messengers were notorious gossips and if this particular messager knew what was in the letter then the whole of the city would have known by tea time. He couldn’t very […]