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Lyrics out of context:  I Salute You

King Pinn: I Salute You. I’m driving halfway across the country and this song is on repeat. Rest in Peace Tonderai Makoni. You were awesome.

Vacation Begins

I’m back

After a few weeks off I’m back to business. This is just an update post detailing plans for the rest of the year.

RSA Conference USA 2011

Day 13: RSA Encryption

At last we finally have the great reveal, our mystery project was implementing RSA encryption in rust.

Feather fractal

Day 12: Modular exponentiation

We build the final piece of our mystery project, a function that computes modular exponentiation. Come on in, we have large numbers.

Mathematical calculator buttons with ruler

Day 11: Modular Multiplicative Inverse

We build another part of the mystery project by creating a function that calculates the modular multiplicative inverse of a number.

The Beauty of Mathematics

Day 10: Least Common Multiple

We continue our mystery project by calculating the Least Common Multiple. We also bump into the Euclidean algorithm along the way.

Prime Numbers

Day 9: Rust Primality Test

The first task in a new project which shall remain unnamed until it’s ready is a primality test, i.e. checking if a number is prime.

Pattern Matching

Day 8: Rust Match

I take a look at the construct I’ve been most curious about, Rust Match. I also prove beyond a doubt that it’s a Switch statement.

Coffee near the laptop closeup. Working from home.

Day 7: Ownership in Rust

Today I take a look at the concept of Ownership in Rust. This is the magic sauce that makes Rust “memory safe” and beginner Rusticians cry.

Laptop Macbook Codes Coding  - StockSnap / Pixabay

Day 6: Disemvowel

Today we disemvowel a string. That word is beautiful and means to remove every vowel out of a string. Disemvowel it!